Time Management with Billy Hodes

HALO Team Meeting- Wednesday, April 2, 2014  Billy Hodes: Servant of God, devoted husband and father to eight children, loyal friend, and President and CEO of Midland Metal Mfg. “Time is one of our only limited resources. What should manage your time is who you are, who you want to be, what’s important to you,…


Meet the 2014 HALO Ambassador Board, Agents of Change

Meet the 2014 HALO Ambassador Board, Agents of Change Almost 10 years ago, HALO was grown by a group of volunteers who were committed to making a difference in lives of youth in need. These individuals each took on a responsibility within HALO and served as if they were HALO employees. This amazing team became…


HALO is Now Hiring for an Office Manager

HALO is now hiring for a full-time Office Manager at the Kansas City headquarters. Check out the details below and contact us if interested in applying. Job Description: The Office Manager is responsible for organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The ideal candidate will be experienced…


Change your life. Become a HALO Ambassador.

HALO is currently seeking out individuals who would like to take the opportunity of a lifetime. The International Ambassador position is an incredible experience with hands-on involvement and investment in the lives of children in the greatest need. As an International Ambassador for The HALO Foundation, you will live in a developing country for 2 years. You…

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